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About Us

Experts in mining & exploration software

The company was originally founded by David Peres and Rob Patterson, with David Kerr joining the management team as the Head of Product. Together we have more than 35 years of experience in the mining software space, and have been responsible for the successful delivery of software projects in more than 49 countries, with hundreds of major and junior mining companies.

After all of those years in the trenches, we decided that it was time to bring something new to the table in an industry where “good enough” seems to be acceptable because there is no real alternative.

David Peres


As the former Vice President of a mining software solution provider, David has years of experience building and managing software development and consulting teams. David provides the overall leadership to the group and is responsible for the strategic direction of MX Deposit.

Rob Patterson

Vice President

With years of experience managing mining and exploration software and working closely with clients around the world, Robert oversees the overall operations of MX Deposit and cultivates long-term, collaborative relationships with clients and other organizations.

David Kerr

Head of Product

An experienced product leader with a track record of building commercial software products for the mining and exploration industries, David is responsible for the planning and execution throughout the MX Deposit product lifecycle.

Kyle Haapala

UI/UX Designer

Chris Pagnutti

Software Developer

Brent Ritchie

Software Developer

James Chalker

Software Developer

Michael Guignard

Software Developer

Blake Quebec

Software Developer